Senate Simple Resolution 608
116th Congress(2019-2020)
A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate condemning threats to Hong Kong's freedoms and autonomy on the 31st anniversary of the violent repression of the peaceful protests centered in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.
Introduced in Senate on Jun 4, 2020
Jun 4, 2020
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Jun 4, 2020
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Simple Resolution
Simple Resolution
A form of legislative measure introduced and potentially acted upon by only one congressional chamber and used for the regulation of business only within the chamber of origin. Depending on the chamber of origin, they begin with a designation of either H.Res. or S.Res. Joint resolutions and concurrent resolutions are other types of resolutions.
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International Affairs
International Affairs
Primary focus of measure is matters affecting foreign aid, human rights, international law and organizations; national governance; arms control; diplomacy and foreign officials; alliances and collective security. Measures concerning trade agreements, tariffs, foreign investments, and foreign loans may fall under Foreign Trade and International Finance policy area.
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This resolution

  • calls on China to allow exiled Tiananmen demonstrators to return to China;
  • condemns the imposition of national security legislation with respect to Hong Kong, as well as the use of violence and imprisonment as means of repression;
  • urges the United States to protect its interests in Hong Kong and the freedom of the people of Hong Kong;
  • calls upon the Hong Kong Chief Executive to allow the people of Hong Kong to exercise their rights, and
  • encourages the formation of an international coalition to demand that China adhere to its international obligations.
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Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. (text: CR S2736-2737)
Introduced in Senate
Public Record
Jun 5, 2020 4:42:07 AM
Jul 2, 2020 5:43:35 AM