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Illinois Senate Bill 726
Session 103rd
Passed House on May 23, 2024
Sara Feigenholtz
Lindsey LaPointe
First Action
Feb 2, 2023
Latest Action
Jun 21, 2024
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Amends the Restroom Access Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning the short title. Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Deletes reference to: 410 ILCS 39/1 Adds reference to: 105 ILCS 5/2-3.203 105 ILCS 155/Act rep. 305 ILCS 5/5-30.1 405 ILCS 49/5 405 ILCS 165/6 new Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends various Acts concerning children's mental health. Amends the School Code. Provides that on or before October 1, 2024, the State Board of Education, in consultation with the Children's Behavioral Health Transformation Team, the Office of the Governor, and relevant stakeholders as needed shall release a strategy that includes a tool for measuring capacity and readiness to implement universal mental health screening of students. Provides that the State Board of Education shall issue a report to the Governor and the General Assembly on school district readiness and plan for phased approach to universal mental health screening of students on or before April 1, 2025. Repeals the Wellness Checks in Schools Program Act. Amends the Illinois Public Aid Code. Provides that the Department of Healthcare and Family Services shall implement guidance to managed care organizations and similar care coordination entities contracted with the Department, so that the managed care organizations and care coordination entities respond to lead indicators with services and interventions that are designed to help stabilize the child. Amends the Children's Mental Health Act. Provides that the Children's Mental Health Partnership shall advise the Children's Behavioral Health Transformation Initiative on designing and implementing short-term and long-term strategies to provide comprehensive and coordinated services for children from birth to age 25 and their families with the goal of addressing children's mental health needs across a full continuum of care, including social determinants of health, prevention, early identification, and treatment. Provides that the Department of Public health (rather than the Department of Healthcare and Family Services) shall provide technical and administrative support for the Partnership. Deletes provision that the Partnership shall employ an Executive Director and set the compensation of the Executive Director and other such employees and technical assistance as it deems necessary to carry out its duties. Amends the Interagency Children's Behavioral Health Services Act. Provides that the Children's Behavioral Health Transformation Team in collaboration with the Department of Human Services shall develop a program to provide one-on-one in-home respite behavioral health aids to youth requiring intensive supervision due to behavioral health needs. Effective immediately.
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Feb 8, 2023 3:11:50 AM
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Jun 29, 2024 11:30:36 PM