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Site Description

Our mission at Bill Sponsor is to enhance public awareness by providing an up-to-date, user-friendly resource for viewers who want to know about the legislation their US Senators and Representatives sponsored, cosponsored and voted on.

This site organizes available public record so you can stay on top of both the key issues of the day and the people elected to represent you in Washington, D.C.


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Site News
Highlighting Activity in Congress
Keep up with the Coronavirus related bills introduced weekly with the new COVID-19 Bill Tracker available on the homepage. Stay tuned as we will be highlighting more trends in legislative activity.
Glossary of Legislative Terms
Need to brush up on legislative terminology? Check out the new glossary to better understand the bills you are interested in.
Bill Amendments
Bill Sponsor now shows bill amendment details. See whether a bill has amendments by using the new Amendments Indicator. View details on the amendments such as the amendment's sponsorship breakdown and actions.
Search the Site
Search for politicians and bills with the new search available on the top menu bar. Type in a lawmaker's name, a bill's number or keyword in a bill's title to see matching results.
Discover Related Bills
View and navigate through bills that are identical or share something in common.
Concurrent and Simple Resolutions
Get a more comprehensive look at what your lawmakers are working on with the addition of Concurrent and Simple Resolutions to the bill catalog. This addition makes it so all the types of Congressional Bills are now available, which include Bills, Joint Resolutions, Concurrent Resolutions, and Simple Resolutions.
Sort and Filter a Politician's Bills
Redesigned the politician page to better highlight bills your representatives sponsored. The redesign also includes a new filterable bill catalog that provides a more in-depth look at legislation Congress is working on.
Lawmakers' Photos
Photos for all politicians in the 116th Congress have been added.
House and Senate Votes
Interactive graphs displaying the bill votes are now available. The vote results can be viewed and filtered based on political party, vote cast, and state.
Bill Sponsor Official Launch
Welcome to Bill Sponsor! Continue to check the Site News for new feature announcements.