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S.1764 118 Western Wildfire Support Act of 2023
H.R.4264 118 Reducing Exposure to Burn Pits Act 2
H.R.7139 118 Teacher Debt Relief Act
H.R.988 118 Shell Company Abuse Act 2
H.R.7211 118 Petfax Act of 2024
S.701 118 Womens Health Protection Act of 2023 3
H.R.3783 118 Mink VIRUS Act 3
H.R.6568 118 STOP Act of 2023 2
S.2553 118 Food Secure Strikers Act of 2023
S.121 118 Protecting Children with Food Allergies Act
H.R.3127 118 SHOPP Act
H.R.3443 118 Foster Youth Mentoring Act of 2023