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Learn about the new features available on Bill Sponsor.
Bill Intelligence
Take advantage of AI to better understand complex legislation with Bill Intelligence. By analyzing bill texts and other data using ChatGPT, Bill Intelligence provides more consumable bill summaries and can also help uncover important information that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.
Bill Intelligence will initially be available on a subset of federal bills, and will continue to grow as we further refine our processes for generating AI content. If you have ideas for additional Bill Intelligence you'd like to see, contact us at or on social media.
Graphics Page
Use the new Graphics page to browse the full catalog of bill images created for Bill Sponsor and our social media accounts. Feel free to share these graphics elsewhere to help promote the legislation you care most about.
Become an effective advocate by writing your own Takeaways on any bill. Share your thoughts on a bill, show your support or opposition, or take notes to educate yourself and others about what the bill entails.
Categorize and improve your ability to find bills using the new Tags feature.
View tags you've assigned to bills from your Profile page and help others find related bills having the same tag.
Publicly display and keep up with the bills that are meaningful to you, and bring awareness to important legislation with the new Profiles feature on Bill Sponsor.
With Profiles, you can have your own page to pin the top bills you're watching.
Bills can be organized into lists to help better understand and keep track of the legislation going through our federal and state governments. Lists can be shared with other users that have a common interest in policy areas.
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Vote Catalog Added to Politician Pages
Gain a better understanding of how your representatives vote on important legislation with the vote catalog that's now available on all Federal and State politician pages. Lawmakers' votes can be filtered based on the vote cast and whether the vote passed or failed.
Enhanced Bill and Politician Images
Images of bills and politicians posted to the Bill Sponsor homepage and social media accounts have a new, fresh look! Using free-to-use images, we are now adding graphical representations for many of the bills and politicians on Bill Sponsor.
Committee Assignments Added to Politician Pages
Now available on the politician pages of all current members of Congress, view each of their committee assignments along with the position they may have in the committee.
More Menu
Easily access additional areas on Bill Sponsor from the new More Menu available on the top menu bar. This intuitive and easy-to-use More Menu allows you to quickly visit any of Bill Sponsor's social media accounts, change the site theme, and navigate to areas on the website such as the Committees and Glossary pages.
Dark Mode
Navigate and view Bill Sponsor using the new dark mode. This mode will automatically activate when dark mode is enabled on your device.
Bills From State Legislatures
Stay abreast of activity in your state's legislature with the addition of state bills from 50 US states along with Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. The new state bills include information on sponsors, votes, texts, documents, and actions.
Another thanks goes to Open States for providing this state bill data through their scrapers and API .
Politicians From State Legislatures
Get to better know who represents you in your state legislature with the addition of legislators from the 50 US states along with Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. View the breakdown of lawmakers in each state legislature along with their biographies on the Politicians landing page.
Thanks goes to Open States for providing this state legislator data.
View Committee Members
Bill Sponsor now has the current Congressional Committees available! Take a look at what committees your Senators and Representatives are assigned to by navigating to the Committees page.
USA Map for Navigating Politicians
Navigating to a state's politicians is now faster and more intuitive with the new United States map on the Politicians landing page.
All Politician Photos Added
Photos for all politicians on Bill Sponsor are now available, which include the recently started 117th Congress. The photos also have a new look on the Politicians landing page, with the lawmaker's political party color in the photo's background.
Homepage Enhancements
It's now easier then ever to navigate Featured and Introduced bills with the newly available tabs on the homepage.
Additionally, we've made improvements to the Highlights on the homepage so more unique Highlights can be added. Contact us at to let us know about a Highlight your interested in and we'll look into adding it to the homepage!
We've also posted our first original article, which is about the inauguration of Joe Biden. Read the article along with the inauguration speech transcript here:
Infinitely Scroll Through Featured Bills
Now available on the homepage, scroll through as many of the Featured Bills as you like. Featured Bills are bills that have either passed/failed one chamber of Congress or have Become Law.
Modernized Bill Text Reading Experience
Check out the new and improved bill text area for the best bill text viewing experience on the web! This includes several new valuable features for reading bill texts.
  • An enhanced table of contents for easier navigation to any section of the bill text.
  • A mini-map for desktop users, which is a miniature view of the bill text. Use this to map out your location within the full length of the bill and jump greater lengths up and down the different sections of the bill.
  • A new Linkage feature, where sections of the bill text that were found in other bills are indicated.
View the sections found in other bills by clicking Show Linkage. This will add green highlighting to the identical blocks of bill text in the table of contents, the bill text, and the mini-map.
Share the URL to a selected section of the bill text by clicking the Copy Section Link icon in the top right corner of the section.
View a list of bills that share that same block of identical text by navigating to the desired section within the bill text and clicking the View Bills button located in the top right corner of the section.
Highlighting Activity in Congress
Keep up with the Coronavirus related bills introduced weekly with the new COVID-19 Bill Tracker available on the homepage. Stay tuned as we will be highlighting more trends in legislative activity.
Glossary of Legislative Terms
Need to brush up on legislative terminology? Check out the new glossary to better understand the bills you are interested in.
Bill Amendments
Bill Sponsor now shows bill amendment details. See whether a bill has amendments by using the new Amendments Indicator. View details on the amendments such as the amendment's sponsorship breakdown and actions.
Search the Site
Search for politicians and bills with the new search available on the top menu bar. Type in a lawmaker's name, a bill's number or keyword in a bill's title to see matching results.
Discover Related Bills
View and navigate through bills that are identical or share something in common.
Concurrent and Simple Resolutions
Get a more comprehensive look at what your lawmakers are working on with the addition of Concurrent and Simple Resolutions to the bill catalog. This addition makes it so all the types of Congressional Bills are now available, which include Bills, Joint Resolutions, Concurrent Resolutions, and Simple Resolutions.
Sort and Filter a Politician's Bills
Redesigned the politician page to better highlight bills your representatives sponsored. The redesign also includes a new filterable bill catalog that provides a more in-depth look at legislation Congress is working on.
Lawmakers' Photos
Photos for all politicians in the 116th Congress have been added.
House and Senate Votes
Interactive graphs displaying the bill votes are now available. The vote results can be viewed and filtered based on political party, vote cast, and state.
Bill Sponsor Official Launch
Welcome to Bill Sponsor! Continue to check the What's New page for new feature announcements.