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Illinois House Bill 2204
Session 103rd
Dhs-Gambling Disorders
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Became Law
Became Law on Jul 25, 2023
Terra Costa Howard
David Koehler
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Feb 7, 2023
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Jul 25, 2023
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Amends the Substance Use Disorder Act. In provisions requiring the Department of Human Services to establish a public education program regarding gambling disorders, requires the program to (i) promote public awareness to create a gambling informed State regarding the impact of gambling disorders on individuals, families, and communities and the stigma that surrounds gambling disorders and (ii) use screening, crisis intervention, treatment, public awareness, prevention, in-service training, and other innovative means to decrease the incidents of suicide attempts related to a gambling disorder or gambling issues. Requires the Department to determine a statement regarding obtaining assistance with a gambling disorder, which each licensed gambling establishment owner shall post and each master sports wagering licensee shall include on the master sports wagering licensee's portal, Internet website, or computer or mobile application. Permits the Department: to provide advice to State and local officials on gambling disorders; to support gambling disorder prevention, recognition, treatment, and recovery projects; to collaborate with other community-based organizations, substance use disorder treatment centers, or other health care providers engaged in treating individuals who are experiencing gambling disorder; and to perform other actions. Permits the Department to award grants to create or support local gambling prevention, recognition, and response projects. Makes other changes. Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Deletes reference to: 20 ILCS 301/1-5 20 ILCS 301/1-10 20 ILCS 301/5-5 20 ILCS 301/5-10 20 ILCS 301/5-20 20 ILCS 301/10-10 20 ILCS 301/10-15 20 ILCS 301/15-10 20 ILCS 301/20-5 20 ILCS 301/25-5 20 ILCS 301/25-10 20 ILCS 301/30-5 20 ILCS 301/35-5 20 ILCS 301/35-10 20 ILCS 301/50-40 20 ILCS 301/55-30 20 ILCS 301/55-40 Adds reference to: New Act 35 ILCS 5/240 new Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Creates the Hydrogen Fuel Replacement Tax Credit Act. Creates an income tax credit for eligible taxpayers in an amount equal to $1 per kilogram of eligible zero-carbon hydrogen used by the eligible taxpayer during the immediately preceding year. Provides for additional credits if the use of the zero-carbon hydrogen by the eligible taxpayer occurs in an equity investment eligible community. Contains provisions concerning applications and credit allocation by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act to make conforming changes. Effective immediately.
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Feb 8, 2023 7:57:28 AM
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