House Bill 7335
117th Congress(2021-2022)
MST Claims Coordination Act
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Became Law
Became Public Law 117-303 on Dec 27, 2022
Mar 31, 2022
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Dec 27, 2022
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MST Claims Coordination Act

This bill modifies the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims process for claims related to military sexual trauma (MST).

During or immediately after a medical examination, hearing before the Board of Veterans' Appeals, or other relevant event, the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) must coordinate with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to provide veterans who elect to receive materials with outreach letters, information on the Veterans Crisis Line, information on how to make an appointment with a mental health provider, and other information on available resources relating to MST. Additionally, the VHA and the VBA must provide such materials with the determination the VA provides to the claimant in connection with a claim for compensation.

In a claim for compensation arising from MST experienced by a veteran who is enrolled in the VA health care system and consents to the notification system, the VBA must automatically notify the VHA before the veteran (1) participates in a medical examination, hearing, or other relevant event; or (2) receives a determination from the VA in connection with the claim for compensation.

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